Quick mini haul and review

Hi everyone, Claire here! 

I managed to pry myself away from my accounting books this week (wasn't too hard!) and took a trip to Boots! And only bought two things! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Soap & Glory’s a great kisser lip balm in Juicy Peach

I've wanted to try this for so long so I treated myself! The smell, dear lord the smell! Its peaches (duh!) but it’s just so nice! It’s not one of those cheap fruity scents however that reek of chemicals. It just smells delicious! It has a slight pink tint which is still really natural and pretty! The packaging is, as always with Soap & Glory, so cute!

Does it work? Yes!! I honestly would have settled for the delicious flavour but it is really moisturising and surprised me with its staying power! I tested it out tonight at work (that sounds worse than it is!) and only had to reapply twice out of the 4 hours! I really love this lip balm and would definitely recommend it!  It retails for €8.00.

What this product beats: My Carmex lip balm, even the cherry one tasted awful!
What I want to try next: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.

Nip + Fab Body butter in Mango Smoothie

After hearing Fleur DeForce rave about the Pistachio version of this I had to smell it, but honestly I did not expect it to be that strong. If you like pistachios…like REALLY like them then this is for you but I just did not like it! So I smelled the mango one (Mostly to rid my nose of the pistachio smell!) It smells so good! Just go to Boots and smell it seriously!  I bought the 50ml pot as I'm travelling at the end of the month (America here I come!) so I feel it’s really practical! It retails for about €5.00 which is a bargain!

I've always loved the body shop mango body butter and was really thinking of buying it but I prefer the scent of the Nip + Fab one! It’s really moisturising and really feels like its feeding my skin!  The smell lingers for ages which I love! It’s a great scent for summer and I will definitely repurchase it in a bigger pot!

What this product beats: My Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter.
What I want to try next: Soap & Glory body butter in Sugar Crush! (I smell it every time I'm in Boots!)

Thanks for reading, Claire! :) x


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