Leave in Conditioners

Hey everyone! Quick late night blog post!

I used to have really nice hair....used to. Then I decided that my mousey brown colour wasn't enough and I went blonde. Turns out my hair doesn't like peroxide and is as dry as a desert when I come out of the shower. As any girl with this problem knows, getting a hairbrush through this is almost Impossible.

While at home I ordered the Unite 7Seconds leave in detangler.  I've been using it since then and really like it. When I came to the states however I had to try the its a ten miracle leave-in product as FleurDeForce loves both of these products.

Unite 7Seconds: I love the smell of this product and well I just love the product. Its that simple. It detangles my hair and leaves it soft and smelling great. It is a little on the heavy side but if you don't use too much you should be fine. It cost me about €17.00 with shipping, a bit pricey for the small amount I got but I think its worth it.

Its a 10 miracle leave-in product: This product also smells good but unfortunately it does nothing for my hair. It just feels like I'm using water. I feel like its not as concentrated as the Unite 7Seconds and therefore doesn't feel like its helping my hair. I was pretty disappointed as it has been raved about by a lot of people. I am glad I tried it though as it was a cheaper alternative to the Unite 7Seconds at $16 (€12).

I'm always open to suggestions so tell me which Leave in conditioners worked wonders for you, or were an absolute flop! :) Thanks for reading! :) And a happy 4th of July from Rory and I! :) 

Claire xx :)


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