Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Hey everyone! Claire here! Long time no see...again! Sorry but babysitting kids really is a full time job! I've been travelling a lot here and I've seen a good bit of the states that I probably never would have seen on my own. I'll do a photo post of some of our adventures but I don't know how interesting that will be!

So lets stick to the beauty posts for now right? Today I'm reviewing the Origins Super Spot Remover. I haven't tried a lot of the Origins products but I've got to say after using this I may need to swing by Sephora again!

I have pretty good skin and my teenage years were pretty much a breeze...aside from my make up (so much eye-liner!) so when I get a spot everyone within a 3 mile radius will know! I've heard great things about this so I had to try it. I'm not fond of the scent (tea tree) but the product does work very well! I use it when I can feel one coming and it will nip it in the bud. It reduces redness well and overall I'm really happy!

I bought it for $14.50 which is a steal at €10! compared to its €17 price at home! It is however currently on sale in Debenhams for €15 so if you're interested I would definitely recommend it!


  1. I only really started breaking out when I hit my 20's, must pop down to debenhams and give it a try!

  2. Claire here, me too I have no idea why! thanks for reading :)