A thrifty summer :)

Today I was absolutely stuck for a blog post! I had a million and one blog post ideas floating around but just couldn't get started on any. Then while browsing the internet, which is basically what I'm always doing, I found a key-word.....vintage! It hit me that I have quite the little collection of charity/thrift shop items (mostly jewellery!)

As you may know I was in the states for the summer and honestly their charity shops are amazing! So much better than ones I've seen here, but if I stand corrected then of course share your favourites in the comments!

My first find was these amazing opal earrings. I have no idea if they are real gold but the tear-drop shape is my absolute favourite! They were $2.00 at a garage sale! (don't worry they were well disinfected! :P)

The next two items were bought in the same store and I fell in love with both immediately! The abalone ring is just beautiful and I adore it so much! Again its tear-drop shaped so I love it! The necklace is also really cute, the saying "shine like a star" isn't my favourite but I honestly couldn't leave it behind!

This is my new make up bag and I'm so happy with it! It was like $3.00!! Its the perfect size! I can fit everything I need, including my brushes and the design is really pretty. Its an Estee Lauder one obviously from a promotion but it was brand new and even still had the plastic on the zip! (expect a what's in my make up bag post soon!)

I purchased this Oscar de la Renta wash bag in the same store and I love the monochrome! Inside it has sections for arranging products which is really handy. I think it has a really vintage feel to it but its still really practical.

And last but not least something I got for free! (Complete with holes!) I got this oversized jumper from a friend of my boyfriend's family and I love it!! The colour is a lot more turquoise than it shows here and I wear it a lot when lounging around. Its definitely not to everyone's taste but I love it :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! :) 

Claire xx


  1. I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award! All the details are on my blog http://bl0ssombeauty.blogspot.ie/