Bring on 2014!

As I sit here on the eve of my 21st birthday and type this I can't help but feel mad at myself. I had an amazing opportunity this year to make this blog something I would be proud of. But I am glad too that I didn't force myself to post content that lacked spirit and thought.

So like I have said many times, here I go again. I really want to make this blog something incredible. I'm your average girl (kind of :P) I don't have thousands or even hundreds to spend on every product under the sun but I am relatable. I go to college, work part time, drive a car which should not be on the road and spend so much time online its crazy! (damn Reddit)

So the last time I blogged was October. Jeez I really sucked. Or should I say 2013 me sucked! So what happened since then?

My friends and I went out in the city for Halloween night! It was crazy but so much fun! One of my favourite nights out this year even if everyone thought I was a dead cat?!! I WAS A SKELETON! :L This was the look I was going for. Yeah, totally nailed it :L 

Aisling went as a vampire and her makeup was incredible! Considering I decided mine the day before its not too bad :P 
And my boyfriend Rory went as snapchat which everyone loved :P

Its so nice to have exams the week of christmas but alas they had to be done! Once they were over aisling and I went out! We wore our lovely festive jumpers to the club and had a great night!  

Christmas came and went and Rory's birthday was yesterday so that meant plenty of family time and many resolutions were set! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a wonderful year! Thank you for reading :) 
Claire xx 


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