Loreal Skin Perfection Micellar water

Until I saw this instagram post by Lily Pebbles I honestly forgot I even owned this but then all the horrible memories came flooding back! So. many. Spots. I honestly get maybe 3 spots in a month, I know, I'm pretty lucky, but this stuff just wrecked my skin. I have wanted to try Bioderma for ages but its cheaper to get on a plane to France than to buy some on ebay so when I saw this on sale a few months ago I decided to buy it!

So what went right?
It took off everything! My eye makeup was gone in seconds so I was really impressed. It did feel a teeny bit oily but otherwise it felt really nice and wasn't scented too heavily. It didn't sting my eyes which is amazing because mine are so sensitive. I was so impressed.

What went wrong?
A day later and I had about three new (painful) additions to my face. Not my average little spot but terrible ones that even my Origins Super Spot Remover found hard to shift. I immediately knew what was wrong and stopped using it! I still use it now and then just on my eyes as it would be pretty hard for my eyelids to break out...I hope!
Also the hole in the top is huge so you do end up using quite a lot more product than intended! 

I would not repurchase this however other products in line seem really nice though such as the cleanser which my friend loves! 

Tell me about your experience with this or your favourite cleansing waters! :) 

Thanks for reading! 
Claire xx


  1. oh no about the spots! :( but glad to hear about the smell! it's always something i take in consideration!