Loving-Week 1

Hello again! This is hopefully going to be a weekly or maybe bi-weekly kind of post here. Each week I want to feature a product/random thing I've been loving and a new one I've been looking at....get it loves and looks?! I might as well live up to my blog name and when better to start then now :) 

So the first product I'm loving is the Sleek Blush by 3 in Sugar. When I found Sleek makeup in a pharmacy in my local town I genuinely stood looking at the stand in awe for about ten minutes. It was like a dream. I only picked up this as my budget was severely small.
Note to self: go back to that pharmacy! 
The Sleek blushes are incredibly pigmented and last really long! This trio will probably last me forever! The colours are gorgeous and I really love using this on a day to day basis. The huge mirror is so handy too.

In this picture I'm wearing a light dusting of the orange shade on the right and its the perfect spring blush. These can be applied really lightly or heavier for a more dramatic look, whatever floats your boat really :) 

This Blush By Three is available here for a steal at €13!

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. What a perfect palette for the change of seasons! I'll have to go find it, I love how it looks so natural on you.

  2. Its gorgeous! I want to but more but have no excuse when I have this :P Thanks! they are amazing!