Spring Wishlist 2014

Hello all! Happy Monday!! Or at least I hope it is! Here's my spring wishlist to get you in the mood for some shopping(as if we needed any more motivation!) I'll admit there is a ton of dark colours in this wishlist but I feel like these staples can be paired with some bright pops of colour so no worries! :)

1. I have been drooling over this bag from Parfois for sooooo long! I open a tab and look at it everyday! Its only €30 but I'm hoping and praying it will go on sale so I can get a bargain because I honestly love it! Parfois is quickly becoming one of my favourite shops!

2. This mint umbrella is so cute and again of course is from Parfois! I could buy 4 of these in Primark for the price (€13) but I just love this one its so classy and chic and the perfect spring colour.

3. This embellished cami is gorgeous! I own 3 of these from Primark and oh my lord they hide a multitude of sins! They cover everything but are still really stylish and go well with a lot of stuff I already own. They make picking an outfit for college so easy and I need moreeee! I think this one (€30) will transition well from day to night If we decide to go for random drinks, which I feel like might happen with the semester that's ahead of me!

4. I honestly do not have the figure to pull these off. My legs are super skinny and I have no butt so I feel like these (€50) would probably look awful on me! But I have some shred of hope so I'm going to try on a pair and see what they look like! fingers crossed!

5. These shoes are just stunning. End of. I usually wear stilletos on a night out as i have nightmares of snapping my ankle in half in a pair of wedges but I really love how these are wedges and heels combined. They look really comfortable and I feel like I would get a ton of wear out of them! They are pretty expensive at €50 so I'm going to look out for something similar for less.

6. This Topshop Gloss Ink in Cruel (€12) has broken my heart. I went into the city after college one day with one mission. Get this Lip stain. And the were SOLD OUT. I am obviously going to order this online but I was so looking forward to getting it. Its not a typical spring colour I know but I am in love with it! I also have my eye on the new Rimmel Apocalips shade Eclipse.

And that's pretty much it! I really hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if you like any of these items and links to your spring wishlist :)

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3