Looking-Week 1

Hello all! Hope February is going amazing so far you! January was a less than pleasant month but hopefully February will be a lot better- p.s expect some valentines posts :D This is the second part of my new feature which I talked about here

This is what I'm looking at this week and I am quite tempted to purchase. We'll see if my budget can stretch though :P

Anyone who watches Fleur DeForce will have heard plenty about this handy little thing!

Whenever I have to leave my house for the day I always worry about possible charging opportunities and as my cigarette lighter in my car doesnt work I don't have many options! Luckily in my college course we have a lot of computer time so I can charge then but on lecture days I'm in quite the pickle. Apparently they sell these in Carphone Warehouse so I will definitely be paying a visit! :)

 Thanks for reading my short but sweet post! Hope you come back soon :) Let me know what you have your eye on this week! :)

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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