Valentines Gift Guide for Men 2014

Hello lovely reader! If you are like me and need some help then look no further! Its about mid January when I start thinking "ooh Valentines is coming up I should get his gift now" and then its the 13th and your making a home-made card that looks like this:

So here's my gift guide that might help you just a tad as there's less than a week left...RUN!!
I'm going to make this quick and painless for you by showing gifts that are suitable for the amount of time you've been with the old ball and chain.....gah I'm so romantic :P

1 month plus: I wouldn't recommend shelling out at this stage for something super expensive but a funny card like the one below lets them know your thinking about them but it isn't too serious...unless your already engaged, to each their own! 

6 months to a year: I think you'll probably know this guy pretty well by now so you'll know his fashion sense so I would highly recommend clothes/shoes. Make sure you know their size though and get a gift receipt just in case. River Island and Next are my favourite places to buy stuff for Rory as they have great quality and are suitable for our age group (obviously you should take this into consideration-I'm sure a 30 year old guy won't want this) A funny T-shirt is also a nice little side gift such as this one. It all depends on his likes/hobbies! :P

2 - 4 years: Woo its getting pretty serious by now. I think when it gets to this stage something personalized is really sweet and can be so sentimental. Not on the Highstreet is my favourite website for this kind of'll see why! They do such cute gifts that I'm sure any guy would be happy to receive. These are some of my favourite picks from the site 

A really long really long: I feel when your together for a long time you should know what your guy is looking for. Some skincare treats for your handsome man or a new tool set for your handy man are things that they will actually use! If he's a man-child then I cannot recommend a nerf gun highly enough :P
Luckily Rory drops plenty of hints without even knowing it so I'm never really stuck.

I also think that if this is the one day a year either of you pay each other romantic attention then its not good. We get each other small little surprises during the year (even a surprise Starbucks order!) and its those little things that keep it romantic. 
(crying like a maniac over this.)

And just because he's a guy: If your looking for this kind of reaction then I would suggest checking out Love Honey or Ann Summers for some fun sexy gifts. Love Honey have really discreet packaging so there's no need to worry about everyone knowing about your "activities" *Remember to stay safe*

And that's it...well for the guys anyway! Come back tomorrow and see what I'm telling the confused men of the world our hearts desire! :P Enjoy Valentines day and if you don't celebrate it then have a fabulous February 14th! :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3



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