Loving week 2 - MAC Satin Taupe dupe

Helloooo, yes I am alive....barely. I seem to have caught the flu that's going around and feel like I'm dying but the show must go on. College has been hectic for the last month with looking for placement and a killer project that's taking over our lives so apologies about the lack of posts. I've really missed you all so I need to share what I have been obsessed with for the last month!

This glorious eye shadow is Catrice's My First Copperware Party....the name is a mouthful but lordie the product is out of this world! Its a beautiful copper...duh....that suits my eye colour(green) down to the ground! It is the perfect crease colour and is a really close match to MAC's Satin Taupe which is a favourite in my palette. For €4 it's a steal and I have recommended it to everyone I know. Catrice do some amazing products and are definitely a brand I would recommend for those starting to experiment with make up.

That's all folks! Come back again to find out what cheeky purchase I made from Sleek :)

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. Oh I love the look of this shadow. The colour is gorgeous. What a bargain

    1. Its amazing for the price, use it everyday and still no dent in it! :) Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Need this in my life! I love satin taupe, and mines run out but I keep getting distracted Mac lipsticks instead and forgetting about it haha xx

  3. You do you realllly do! My shitty camera doesn't do it justice! Everyone I show it too is like "oooooooh" :P I have some willpower then, been looking at Rebel for the last year, the time still hasn't come :P