Collective Tiger Haul Spring 2014

Its story time. A few weeks ago at work a friend of mine asked me had I been to Tiger yet? It was crazy busy at college at the time so I obviously wasn't shopping (boo) so I said no and she described the store as a place that sells the random stuff you didn't know you needed until you went there.

I brushed it off until I saw Essie Button's video and made a B-line for the place. And omg she was right-I was in heaven the minute I walked in the door.

So here's a collective Tiger haul for your enjoyment! Its photo heavy so you don't need to strain your eyes too much :P

These tea's are so good! Just really refreshing and comforting :) They cost I believe €3-€4 

A tea infuser for the loose leaf tea..which I bought after the infuser :P Can't have been more than €2

 This is the coolest thing I swear and it actually works :o I think it was €2 

 Couldn't just buy one pair oops :P They work surprisingly well for only €4 :) 

 This eyelash curler was only €2 so I really couldn't resist! It does the job so I'm happy :)

 Last but not least this portable charger! It was €15 and its a lifesaver...when I remember to charge it :P

Have you purchased anything from the weird and wonderful Tiger shop? Let me know in the comments :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. Tiger is the shit! Those shades are awesome!

    1. It really is!! I love it in there! Feel like I'll be stopping in tomorrow for a look :P Yeah they are and they actually keep the sun out pretty well! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I get scared going into Tiger because I know I'll come out with the most random, but amazing stuff! Very intrigued at the little charger, hmmm, might need a trip to Tiger now ;)

    1. You should go its seriously amazing!! Everyone I've brought in there loved it :) Thanks for reading :)

  3. i have the tea infuser as well but i swear it doesnt work! took off the metal part to put tea leaves in and it wont fit back on at all....