Its not her birthday but I've been home a lot more recently and my dog is the highlight of my day so please endure these photos! Its obvious I'm going to be that annoying friend shoving baby pictures in your face in the future but I ain't even mad.

4 years ago, after loosing our second dog to our neighbours evil dog we were looking for a bundle of love in our life and oh my lord we got more than we bargained for. Enter Pauline's Rescue. Its a non profit organisation in Charleville Co. Cork that does amazing work. Every week they feature 3 dogs in our local free paper and my mom stumbled upon The Fab Four (Millie and her siblings). We fell in love with this bespeckled beauty and that was it! Gah she's so cute.

But boy is she crazy. The Border Collie in her is so smart but my god whatever else is mixed in is so stupid...i.e. running into doors stupid. Her favourite things include chasing a ball for eternity, chewing my possessions and interrupting hugs (she's very jealous!)

Luckily enough she was completely house trained! If any of you in the Munster area are looking for a new ball of fluff to love then I strongly recommend checking her out. Or if you want to help promote the amazing work she is doing then just like and share the Facebook page and you'll be doing a great deed for the day :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. OH millie you are so cute! My sister has a collie mix and he is definitely has the smart/stupid mix with plenty of crazy too! :D here's merle

  2. She really is! And omg Merle is adorable! Definitely looks crazy :P