Spring Nail Picks 2014

Hello again! Today I'm showing you my spring nail picks! These are just my personal preference, by all means have a look at them in Boots but my word is not law :P I feel like in spring its best to ease yourself into brighter colours, bye bye burgundy hello blue!

Essie's Fiji is one of my favourites for when the sun comes out! I am in love with this nail colour! Its a pale pink that makes a tan look amazing and is just so soft yet uplifting at the same time...that's possible right? :P This retails for I think €12 in Boots but its 3 for 2 at the moment so run!!! :P 

Top left to bottom right: 
Essie's Fiji, Barry M Gelly Hi- shine in Blueberry, Barry M Gelly Hi- shine in Prickly Pear, Barry M Bright Pink 279.

The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes are a no-brainer really! The consistency is amazing and they last so well with a good top coat (Sally Hansen insta-dry is my favourite) These two colours are perfect for spring as they can brighten up any outfit! They retail for I believe about €5 each so you know what they say :P 

And finally the Barry M colour Bright Pink 279 is for when summer is almost here but not quite! This lifts my mood so much and makes me anxious for summer to come!  I usually wear this on one nail, e.g.. my ring finger on both hands and then a pale pink on the rest for a pop of colour that's not so in your face :P 

Props to my beautiful cat Tipsy for helping me take these photos! I hope they look okay, I don't have any fancy lighting or designated place for taking pictures so I improvised :P Let me know what your spring nail picks are :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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