Spring Perfume Picks 2014

Smell that? That's 1000 flowers being shoved in your face because its spring. But not here at lovesandlooks! Okay maybe a few flowers :P But they come in the form of two lovely perfumes :)

First up is Lanvin's Marry Me. Its such a feminine flirty scent I fell in love the minute I took a whiff. It starts off with top notes of orange, peach and jasmine and unfolds to reveal a sweet magnolia and rose scent. Amber also adds a musk to this perfume that makes it just slightly seductive while still remaining quite floral and light. This is the perfect spring date perfume in my opinion and the nostalgia I get when I wear it is something else. I've looked everywhere online and apparently you can only get it in The States right now :( But I think I paid about €30-€40 for it in Debenhams.

My next spring scent can be described pretty well by the name. Its DKNY's Be Delicious in Fresh Blossom. Fresh being the keyword here. It is also a very feminine perfume but in a completely different way to the Lanvin perfume. It is a fresh vibrant scent rather than a musky almost heavy scent. It combines grapefruit, cassis, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and apricot to make a truly undeniable fresh floral scent. This is a beautiful perfume to wear when you start to break out the pastel colours! You can buy it here if it sounds like your kind if scent.

Let me know what perfume is your favourite when the sun starts to shine :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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