My Battlestation | Overview

Hello, as its the 4th week of the Lets Talk Blog Challenge tonight I realised I haven't posted since last week :o but my laptop is kind of to blame as it decided to go well... apeshit! It was crunching and smoking so I freaked and brought it to PC World who have strangely diagnosed it as perfectly fine! Yay now I just need to buy a new camera! Anyhoo I decided to do a super quick post before tonight so my blog doesn't look so sad!

I love having a good snoop into other peoples make up/skincare storage so I thought I'd show you all a quick overview of where I try to prepare my face before going out in public! I wish it looked like this all the time but it usually has makeup all over it! Apologies in advance for the bad quality photo!

My unit is from Aldi(I'm so classy) and its about 4 years old now and still working great! It has 2 drawers and 2 shelves so it stores all my beauty goods, although at the moment its overflowing! Yes those are makeup wipes but when I'm so tired after working 9am to 11pm that a girl just needs to rough it sometimes :P The plastic drawers are from walmart and I have another one in the bottom part of the unit for medical stuff! I don't usually like plastic storage as it looks clinical and unoriginal but until I can find a nice vintagey set of drawers these will do the job!

The one on top of my vanity stores all my skincare stuff with the most used at the top and less at the bottom. Its also is a great place for my most used haircare items. The two tealight holders have my favourite nail colours and my lip pens/stains. The green caddy like thing (I have such a way with words) is from a local garden centre and I'm in love. It holds my small brush collection and my everyday skincare items. The soap and glory moisturiser in front wont fit anywhere so thankfully it looks pretty atop my dresser! I'll have a review of the Garnier Micellar water coming up soon!

And that's pretty much it! I might do a full collection and storage post but I'll have to get a new camera first...and clean ugh :P

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


  1. I love the title of this post, it made me chuckle. The "green caddy thing" looks adorable, I love seeing how people get creative with storage! :)

    1. Haha thanks its like a battle every morning to get this face looking decent :P Its so handy I love using vintage style storage its so fun! Thanks for reading!