Review - Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Hello there! Its been a little while but I had such a tough week at work I needed to take the weekend off and just relax. But I'm back with a really quick review! (Please excuse how tatty the packaging looks :o) You have probably already heard of this wonderful product but just in case here's some breaking news: Its amazing!!

I am constantly looking for ways to moisturize my lips but whats the point if dead skin sits on top. In comes this little pot of goodness to revive my lips! Its so easy to use, just get a little on your finger and rub it into your lips. I do it over the sink at the end of my night-time skincare routine and the difference I have seen is amazing.

It does look rather harsh when first opened but honestly it is very gentle. The jojoba oil does a great job moisturising so I rarely need to apply anything after. It also tastes so good. Sooooo good. It tastes just like an after eight and when your done rubbing it in you can actually eat it! I know you can make a DIY version of this lip scrub but for €7 I feel like the ready to use pot is worth the money. Its so handy when it comes to travelling (can't you tell by how worn it looks!)

Just pop into your local Lush and test it for yourself, you won't be disappointed I promise :) 

Thanks for reading,
Claire <3


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