Lets Talk Blog Challenge Week 6 | Recommend To A Friend

Hello lovely reader! You're probably after taking part in this wonderful challenge yourself but if not then this is the final week! I will admit I won't miss the sudden realization at 7 o'clock every monday night that I only half finished my post and had to throw one together really quickly :P But I will miss the interaction and chats with all the other lovely bloggers taking part! Thanks so much  Sarah for making it happen :)

So this week is a recommend to a friend! I'm always the girl who says "I told you so" when someone tells me how great their new product is or how that little cute restaurant was aaaammaaazingg! I'll never live taking the girls to Les Mis though, they freaking hated every minute :P

So here's my first recommendation: The Urban Decay Naked Flushed. Its a beautiful Blush, bronzer and highlighter trio that I wear so much! The highlighter has to be my favourite its a stunning golden pink that makes my skin look really fresh and dewy.

No for my second which has the be Uncle Petes in Cork City. Its the cutest little restaurant and their steak salad (yes steak freaking salad!) is to die for! I love Italian food so this is just my go-to lunch or date restaurant and I always love whatever I decide to try! Its also super cheap so its ideal for me as I am broke all the time :P

And last but not least frozen because its frozen :P 

Sarah also suggested we add our favourite post from the challenge and this one goes to Aisling from Rosy Smiles! Her day in the life post was my ideal day and I had just started work placement and had major envy! It helps that she's one of my fave girls in the whole of the bloggersphere :P She has a competition running at the moment for some amazing prizes so please check her out :) 

Thanks so much for reading,
Claire <3


  1. You had me at Steak Salad :D Great picks :)

    Kerrie, sempresorres.blogspot.ie

  2. You're such a babe Claire. And your ability to GIF everything will never cease to amaze me ahahah xxx

  3. Must check out that Naked Flush. Food looks amazing too!!! :)
    Rach Xx

  4. The Naked pallete sounds really awesome